Jun 10, 2011

This is the reason for me neglecting my blog! I would say its a pretty good excuse! After Jason (my husband) being gone for a year to Afghanistan he is HOME! He got home on Monday and I couldn't be happier! He was so happy about my weight loss I had already completed and Im sure he can't wait to see me in another competition!

My friends think Im crazy for starting a weight loss competition right now. But why not? This is our third deployment and I have gained 20-30 lbs everytime he has come home. So I say why not?! They say what about camping and all the places Jason is gna want to eat at when he gets home that he has missed out on in the last year! And I say WHAT BETTER TIME! Im proud to say that yes I have lost 4 lbs since he has been home! Just one week! I have been watching what I eat. I still work out! I can pack healthy for camping! Its doable I just gta DO IT! My mind set is there. My eyes are set on the prize.

What I want out of this is CONFIDENCE! I want to be that happy girl that everyone knows, but I want to feel it. Im getting there. Slowly but surely! And if I can do this now I can do this anytime!!!!


Stefany Pew said...

I was going to say the same thing as you just said in the last paragraph. If you can do it now while there are SO MANY excuses to eat unhealthy, then you can do it anytime! This is the ultimate test! But now you have Jason home to be a support for you. Funny you should post this today because I woke up today with a new found motivation to eat better. I workout daily....that's not the issue! But I figured that if I'm going to bust my butt in the gym everyday, I might as well have a body to show for it. Food is the most important aspect of getting in shape. It's the hardest....but the most important. I'm going to feed off of your motivation! You can do it girly!

Kate said...

You can do it!! I love ya heather!! You are amazing!

Karilynn said...

So excited that he is home!! You guys look fantastic! I'm also thrilled that you are doing this now. I can see the confidence and excitement in your eyes! Keep on busting it out!