Jul 1, 2011

July already

As I reflect back on June weight wise, I did awful. I am not making excuses I am only moving forward. I get to sit down today and readjust everything I have been doing. I have done so well in the past. My husband came home from deployment after being gone a year so we have been on the go. I can be on the go I just get to plan for it! We will still be on the go this month camping and fishing. June is behind me and I have July to look forward to! July Im gonna kick your butt. The only thing standing in my way is ME. Lets fix this.

My goal this month is to blog at least 3 times a week. I find myself more accountable when I do! I gotta figure out how to blog from my iPhone. Does anyone know how? Im sure I can look it up! Anyways hope everyone has a very happy 4th of July! Sure is my favorite Holiday!!

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