Oct 7, 2010


OK OK! Im listening to my body and EVERYONE! LOL. I thought I could be superwoman and get into exercising. But I can't. I am so desperate to get back to working out. My fear is the holidays coming and going and Im still not happy with myself. This year is different though! I am COMMITTED to being healthier. Im not sayin I'm going to be perfect, Lord knows Im not. BUT Im not going to beat myself up for having a treat here and there. So where do I start, I ask myself. WITH EATING! Since eating is 80% of losing weight, I can do that while my body is healing. I had a friend mention body for life. Its a program I have done before. So that is what Im going to do, but just the eating part for now. Couch 2 5k is going to have to be put on hold for now. As much as it sux and I hate it, I have to let my body heal so I don't do more damage and have to be out longer.. Thanks for all the encouragement and support. It means A LOT to me...


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WorkingMom said...

Probably a very good idea to let you body rest, and just focus on eating. What is the Body For Life Program? Enjoy your little one!