Oct 5, 2010

Here I Go!!

WOW! I can't believe its finally here. I know I should have stayed with this during the pregnancy but I didnt. I swam a lot. I worked out here and there. I didnt eat the best. But today is a new day. Its a new start for me. Jason and I have a deal. And Im gonna win!!! SO HERES TO ME!

I have decided Im going to make it short goals. Instead of me saying I want to lose 120 pounds (which I do) I am going with short term goals to reach my long term. I am sticking with ten pounds. So when I get to 250 (which will be this week!) my next goal will be 240, then 230 and so on. I feel that will work better for me. If I look at it like I have 120 pounds to lose I will give up. I know myself. So 10 pounds at a time will be perfect!

I am starting the program Couch to 5k tomorrow! I am excited. I have the YMCA to use and my parents have a treadmill here.. Its time to start putting them in use! I am excited to share this journey with evveryone!!

I posted me new measurements. I weighed myself today too.

Starting weight is 253....

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LeAnn said...

I started to read your blog before you were pregnant. So glad to see you back! Hope everything went well.