Nov 16, 2010


ITS OFFICIAL!!! I HAVE BEEN CLEARED! I am so ready to go all out on exercising! Bring it on! I went to the gym today and did an hour on the treadmill. It wasnt as far as I wanted BUT its my first day! So go me!!

I can be proud of that. And you better believe I AM!! I cant wait to see that improve! I took before pics. I know I had the guts to put them on last time. But I don't quite have the guts this time! I will post them next month when I can see an improvement!

I started Body for life! Its a great program. I have such an issue with eating. I can be at the gym all day. But when it comes to cooking the right food and eating it, I struggle. I know a lot of it has to do with dealing with all I am going through. I know I am an emotional eater. But I am taking it one day at a time. That is all I can do. If i get ahead of myself I get uspet and quit. Not this time! So in the next 12 weeks I have a goal to lose 35 pounds on this program. I truily feel I can lose more than that so Im in competition with myself! The best kind. The great thing about this is I have my friend Kate doing BFL with me! So we are in this together. And then here I have Samantha to go to the gym with me! That hour on the treadmill flew by! I looked at the time and I had already been on for 45 min! And we have been going to the gym at 4 so that means Ellen is on! So I have something to occupy my time with! Oh and on top of that we are going to samantha's house in the mornings and doin the elliptical for 30 min!! I am going to start looking into some classes such as kickboxing, spinning and MAYBE JUST MAYBE I will take on ZUMBA!!!


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Oh, do take on Zumba! You wanna talk sweating and burning calories!!! DO IT! I'm so excited that I get to go again this Saturday now that we're done with Little League Football!!!

<3 you girl!

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oh and BTW, my new blog is
so you can keep up with me!!!