Aug 22, 2011

Start today!

Seriously this month has just slipped away from me. End of summer is over for us. My daughter starts school today! I have a kindergartener! haha. she is SOOOOO excited. She has been asking me since she was 3 when she gets to go to school. I cant believe its finally here! I went to az and cali this month for 10 days and now im going to vegas for 4 days! A lot of traveling this month. But I am happy to say I havent gained weight this month like I thought I would. I really thought I was going to SLAUGHTER this competition. I can. I know I can. But summer got the best of me. Start today. I have to tell myself that everyday! So once again I start today! I got up at 630 this morning to do a workout in my basement. I have an elliptical and a punching bag down there. they get me to sweatin!! So my goal this week is to get down there every morning and then hit the gym at night! Wish me luck!

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Spar-Mar Girl said...

What a fun milestone for your little girl! My oldest was the exact same way. Good for you on recommitting to your goal! Good luck!!!!