Sep 2, 2011

This is the month

I started spin this week. Holy cow. I have always had a love for spin but never had the guts to go by myself. Im so self conscience its not even funny. This is def something I need to work on. But I went to spin on Tues and Thurs and it was AMAZING! Im so glad to be back in the saddle. I also went to water aerobics today. Kuddos to the women who are there. It did feel nice to be the youngest one there, but those older women kicked my booty! Way fun though. its sso nice to go to classes! I also have officially ran my fastest mile ever. I did it in 9 min and 46 seconds. Granted I couldnt run anymore afterwards. I will work up this month to running more but to run that fast I was pretty damn proud!!! This is my month! Sorry everyone Im gna be cocky for a minute and say Im taking first place this month!!!