Feb 17, 2010

I dont know why Im blogging today. I dont feel like I have much to talk about. There has been so many times where I have wanted to opt out of the competition. I literally have no energy to do anything. I have been playing WFP but only for a few minutes here and there cuz I get so tired and feel like a truck run over me. I am trying my best to eat heathly but sometimes all that sounds good is cereal. I need to find a routine that works for me.

I do have to go in next Tues and get the diabetes test done. Usually its not done until the 28th week but since I am overweight my doctor wants me to get it done next week to be safe. That kinda hit me hard. I was not overweight when I started my last pregnancy. I mean I had weight to lose yes but only like 40 pounds. Then I went and gained 75 pounds during the pregnancy and I WILL NOT do that this time. So far I have not gained any weight, maybe in my chest area but other than that everything is the same. What sux is im not seeing the weight go down. My doc said I should only gain 15 pounds this pregnancy. Maybe even if I split up my treadmill time. Do 15 min 3 times a day or something. I have to figure out what is going to work best for me. I have a treadmill and eleptical down the hall in my apartment complex so its not like its out of the way to go there.

Thats my thoughts for today!


Moi said...

Don't give up. Please don't. This is for your health. Eff the money part, this is to make you feel better.

Pregnancy is hard, and for some women it sucks. If you need to take a few days where you don't exercise and maybe eat ice cream - do it.

I believe in you and you can gain a minimal amount of weight this time round. Most of it is what you eat, keep that in check and no eating for 2.

Pitbull said...

Don't you dare give up! Now that you are pregnant...that's just one MORE reason NOT to give up! You can do this...a little at a time...lean on us if you need to! The next nine months are going to go by no matter what choices you make...do you wanna celebrate the birth of your new precious baby with feelings of regret because you didn't use the last months to your benefit? NO....so please...take every day as a gift...and make the most of it! Even if it is only 15-20 minutes of exercise! If you keep the diet in check...and put minimal exercise in...I guarantee you won't gain excess weight...and you'll be happier for it!! Keep me posted...I'm REALLY interested in knowing how things go!

Cara said...

I always had days that were up and down - maybe tomorrow you will be energized! The nice thing will be when it starts to get warm and you can go for walks outside, that always helps me! But I think 15 minutes at a time is a great idea if you can do it! Keep it up!