Feb 1, 2010

This week

Needless to say I have been struggling the past weeks or so. I realize now what I do to myself when times get tough. I realize that I eat when Im upset or sad or depressed. But not good. Not in a good way. But I am working on it. I am working on a few things at a time here. I was doing really good at the beginning which is how it always works for me. Then I let go of myself. Now its time to get back on track and not let myself go completly off again. So here is to a week of the gym everyday and writing down what I eat! EVERYTHING I EAT!! Especially since weigh in is this Friday for the month.. I can still win a prize right?!? Of course I can!!! I am so excited for this week and what it has to offer me. BRING IT ON!!!


Samantha Thomas said...

You can do it girl! You are a fighter

Karilynn said...

I know you've been thrown a wrench... but you are strong! Push past the stress. Use it for good and not evil! I WOULD LOVE TO PUT SOME MONEY In YOUR ACCOUNT COME FRIDAY! ;o)