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Feb 24, 2010


So I was out of town for four days. I went down to San Jose for an International Convention for my company. I learned a HUGE lesson. When I am here at home, I lay on the couch, I don't feel good, I am tired, I am nautious, I just have no energy. But when I was in Cali, I think cuz I had to get up early and be places that I felt better. I had energy, not a ton but a lot more than the last few weeks, I walked a lot, I only felt sick once the whole weekend until I hit the plane ride home then I was sick the whole flight. That was NOT a fun experience. But it hit my like BAM! If I just get up and move I will be fine. The hard part for me being at home is getting up and moving. There is a treadmill down the hall but my daughter gets so bored down there I feel bad. I cannot wait for it to get nice outside cuz she can ride her bike while I walk. Its gonna be great. I have been feeling better. I know the first trimester is hell and Im ready for it to be over. I have lost a few more pounds but I know Im not gonna win money. But I am OK with that because for me now this is about staying healthy for me and my baby. Then after I have him/her, YOU ALL better watch out!!!!

Sorry I havent been around much, I am catching up on everyones blog today. I know I havent commented much on anyones stuff lately but I am going to get better at that too! Your comments mean a lot and I love the support I am getting from everyone....


Karilynn said...

A big issue with pregnancy and nausea is that pregnant women tend to get hypoglycemic and go into ketosis much more frequently than normal women! Hypoglygemia is cause from going too long in between eating.. but we wake up and we feel nauseaus so we don't eat! This is BAD!! If you are having issues with nausea try eating good protein! I promise it helps! ;o) Glad you hda fun in San Jose!

Amanda said...

Keep up the good work! I am so proud of you for not just dropping out of the comp. I think you will have an awesome pregnancy by keeping in with us and moving more and eating right. I wish i could offer some advice on the sickness....but I have hyperemises, which means you're sick the whole 9 months...I had IV's and feeding tubes, and it didn't matter what meds they gave me or what I did...I was soooooo sick. at the end of all my pregnancies I was down 30 pound or more...not the best way or time to lose weight. Good luck. You're getting close to being out of the sick stage.