Jan 19, 2010


I do have to say that I am very excited about another 4 pound loss!! I am now 250!! I am so proud of myself for sticking through week 2. I have had a lot of things going on in my personal life that I thought were going to distract me, but I pulled through! And I am so happy with myself.

As of this challange wasn't enough, Karilynn is adding weekly challanges! haha! I know its only going to make me stronger sticking with this and that is why I am so excited! So this weeks challenge is all about WATER! I am going to steal what she said off her post that she said about water cuz it really hit me!

"Without enough water, organs can't function as efficiently, so your metabolism slows to conserve energy." -TECD page 43.  HELLO WAKE UP CALL!! I am slowing down my own organs!! These last 2 weeks I have been REALLY good about drinking my water. I have a Pink Breast Cancer Trudeau Cool! I love it!! It holds 24 oz. so I make sure I drink AT LEAST 6 of them a day which is 144 oz but sometimes I get in more! I was told to drink my ideal body weight in ounces (quite a while ago!). So mine is 155 so that is what I aim fore... But 144 I think is amazing! But something else Karilynn suggested was to keep the amount of water you want to drink on the counter. That way you see it... So that is what I am going to do except I am going to keep it in the fridge so it stays nice and cold! Or here I could keep it on the porch but then it might freeze. I also learned that drinking cold water makes you burn more calories!

Here is to a GREAT week 3!!!!!


WeightWatcher Mama said...

8 pounds in 2 weeks is WONDERFUL! keep it up girl!!

Karilynn said...

Go Heather!! You are doing AWESOME!! Way to stick to it! 2 weeks down. 8 lbs down!! GO HEATHER!!

Pitbull said...

Holy cow!!! 8lbs in two weeks!! Keep up the good work...I love the competition...love to see so many people "bringing it" to this competition!!!

Cara said...

8 lbs is awesome! Keep it up!

Samantha Thomas said...

Hello new friend. I wanted to thank you for the kind remarks on my blog today and show you some love back. 8 Lbs is a great accomplishment! I also am going to try to up my intake. I thought I was doing good at drinking 60-80 oz a day. After reading this I went to some websites and found a calculator that said I should be drinking almost 175 oz a day with my weight. So nothing else has worked well... why not try this. It's as easy and drinkign water right! Litterally!